Google's Chrome browser to get extensions – will it slow down?

247 chrome icon.jpgIf you use Google’s sleek and speedy internet browser Chrome you can look forward to the browser getting an extensions gallery in the near future. A new icon on the Chrome home page takes you through to a planned but unfortunately not yet functioning extensions gallery. Suggestions are that extensions will available from early December.

Chrome has been siphoning off Firefox fans who like the Google browser’s clean layout and racy download speed.

However those two advantages are exactly what could be lost if Chrome’s extensions gallery mean that like Firefox it gets bulkier and slower. Firefox is user-friendly and delightfully customisable – hey there’s even a Facebook Dislike Firefox extension – but it’s exactly all the extra apparatus that slows it down.

Chrome extensions are already available from independent developers can be found here at .
Useful ones include: Adblock and Google Reader checker

Personally, I’ll try out a few Chrome extensions but I really like the contrast between chrome and Firefox and use both simultaneously: firefox for slower web-work and chrome for faster browsing.

Keep an eye on the Chrome homepage for more updates on the gallery.

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Anna Leach