Geek called Molly 'nerds' Lady Gaga

245 gaga.jpgLady Gaga’s raunchy cyberpop hit Poker Face got nerded on youtube by a sweet adorable geek called Molly. Molly covers the song in a really nice way, but makes the track sound a bit like a Sesame Street jingle.

This has been described by the internet as nerding. As in -making something nerdlike. Where Gaga is kinda sexy and vampish, Molly replaces these with the revered geek qualities of being sweet and good at using technology. The musical equivalent of putting Beyonce in square glasses and an “I heart Linux” t-shirt. And that is why we love it.

It’s actually a good cover, amazingly she does the vocals and all the separate instruments herself – brought together in a pretty impressive sound mix. Molly Lewis is an impressive musican in her own right, this is her blog. Here is her Poker Face cover:
[Yes, it was for Halloween, but I think it’s good all year round]

A quick How-To nerd a synthpop track guide:
1. Wear cute clothes that don’t fit you ’cause they’re too big and you got them in a charity shop
2. Treat your sunglasses like they are oversized reading glasses
3. Have a stylophone
4. Have a sweet warbling voice
5. Mix it up something amazing showing that you pwn computer mixing programmes
6. Stick it up on Youtube with little self-deprecating notes


[via Insta]

Anna Leach


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