Is Google Chrome sneaking up on Microsoft?

google-chrome-logo-711569.jpgWith a choice of internet browsers we usually stick to what’s already been installed onto the machine when we buy it.

I know I’ve always had Window’s Internet Explorer on mine, and although I download a few more after that, for the first few days Explorer is the one I use.

However, it seems Microsoft may be in for a little bit of competition. Google has today tied up a deal with Sony to have its Google Chrome pre-installed on some notebooks.

Chrome lags well behind Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. It is used by less than 3% of people, while Internet Explorer is used by more than two thirds,
according to NetApplications but this may set to change, especially since the European Commission won’t let Microsoft distribute Internet Explorer with Windows 7 anymore.

So what makes Chrome a better option that Internet Explorer?

Well firstly it won’t crash your browser. It treats every tab as a separate window (like Firefox) and process so if you get hit by a bug, only that one tab dies.

You can save websites and shortcuts to a favourite apps feature, which will launch in separate windows so you don’t lose the pages you were already on.

However, my most favourite feature is the fact that the browser has an option, which means you can chose not to have anything, recorded your browsing history. Perfect for those of us who go on too many shopping sites.

Andrea Petrou