Warm your shivering hands with Xmas USB gloves

211 warmingglove.jpgAs the icy November winds howl over your keyboard, and you stop being able to use the enter key properly because your little finger has basically frozen stiff.. wouldn’t it be nice to have some way of keeping your hands warm – like a sort of glove-shaped electric blanket?

Breathe deeply.

The time has come.

Yes – USB warming gloves exist. And yes, they are Xmas themed, bringing Christmas cheer as well as heat to your cold desk.

Why wear normal gloves when you can wear heated ones? ones heated by being plugged into your computer via a USB attachment, letting your computer warm you with its own body heat.

Avoid spilling coffee on these however, in case they go all electrocutey on you.

However, these could in fact help foster efficiency as they would loosely handcuff you to your computer. You can, of course, take them off but you have to think about it before you get up from your computer. And, they’re festive too. So no reason not to get yourself a pair of these… unless all your USB ports are already taken up with other great USB gadget inventions – like the USB lunchbox warmer or the eco-button.

USB gloves works on any device with USB port, e.g. PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, Xbox360 or Wii, they have a built-in warming pad and work for up to 5 minutes at temperatures of around 45˘C~50˘C.


$18 from Brando

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