Meme of the Day: mashing up the crap bits of social networks to create social network dystopia

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Today’s meme can be best described as… Mashing up the bad bits of one social networking site with the bad bits of another social networking site to make something mind-bogglingly dystopian.

Social networking? More like terror networking. The single and best example of this I have come across is Facespace a truly genius concoction of Facebook and MySpace – mixing, yes the songs that auto-play from MySpace with the “melodramatic friend spam” from Facebook, with the give-me-your-credit-card-ads from MySpace and the 500 pictures of me in my bathroom from Facebook.

Please go see the full page here
Pretty please will someone do Twitter and Bebo?

Look, this is what you get if you click on anything… ROFL
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Anna Leach