Meme of the day: Lol-Graphs

152 graphjam.pngLolgraphs, oh how you fill me with pleasure. I’m always up for the graphic display of information in venn diagrams, bar charts, line graphs or giant adjustable swine flu infection maps (the BBC had a great one). Putting facts in graphs makes them easier to understand. Adding ‘lols’ to the basic appeal of graphs, lolgraphs make funny stuff funnier, by giving it the completely undeserved appearance of scientific accuracy. Graph to the left is a lovely example.

Where do I find these lovelies:

Check graphjam part of the icanhazcheezburger family.

1. Think of some true fact of life
2. Work out how to display it graphically
3. Use cheezburger’s builder here to make a graph with it
4. LOL.

Got any good ones? stick them in the comments…

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Anna Leach