Meme of the day: Upside-Down dogs

1 meme.jpgAw dogs. Cute the right way round, twice as cute the wrong way round.

This meme is a nice simple one: 1. Get a dog; 2.Turn it upside down; 3. Photograph its cutely-deformed face and post it on an appropriate internet forum. I suggest

The jowlier the dog, the better the resulting photo.

Too ’08 I hear you say? Well, say that to Rachel from the Isle of Man who has just posted a lovely picture of her 3-year old Boxer, Ellie, lying upside down.

This meme is alive, well and lying on its back, drooling slightly.


Anna Leach


  • I find myself strongly about this and loving update reading much more about this topic.

  • omg, how did i not know about this site??? these pooches are sooooo adorable! thanks for sharing!

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