Karaoke on the computer: an offer from Luckyvoice

Thumbnail image for LuckyVoiceFancy a little treat for a quiet weekday? Or perhaps some entertainment for a raucous weekend boozefest? We’re not talking about naughty toys this time, we’re talking about online karaoke: potentially more embarrassing but easier to enjoy in a group. Luckyvoice is like a karaoke version of Spotify and has a nice little offer for Shiny readers. They are giving 24hours of access to their 6000-strong song library to anyone using the special voucher code below.

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How to get your 24hour premium service:
1. Register with the site on http://home.luckyvoice.com/
2. Once logged in, click “buy premium sing”
3. Enter code JULYSING in the voucher code area on the right-hand side bar

And you’re there: 24 hours access to the full song collection. Fiddle around with playlists, find songs you want on their big screen net player, watch the words flicker by.

Of course the technical side is always relatively easy compared to the singing bit. But that is the nature of karaoke.

It’s very giggle-inducing. In my attempt at Valerie, I made myself laugh twice at how bad I am at singing. God knows my poor friends will have to have a few drinks down them before they willingly succumb to that…

This is a tip from me: Valerie is faster than you would ever think possible

This is a tip from Stuart Waterman (of Chemical Toilet fame): Sweet Child o’ Mine is deceptively difficult.

See more karaoke anecdotes/tips/horror stories at the site blog: http://blog.luckyvoice.com/

Go forth and sing!

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  • My favorite karaoke site online is the karaoke channel … more user friendly, wider variety of music, and you can record with a webcam ! weehee!!

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