10 ways to protect your iPhone on the beach

Short of hiring someone to sit next to you cradling it – it is hard to make sure your iPhone/Pod/other beloved phone is completely safe while you’re on the beach. I mean, not only is there lots of water: you’ve also got the hazards of sand, suncream and light-fingered beach opportunists.

We have helpfully compiled a list of Ten Ways To Keep It Safe. Not to spoil the suspense, but they could be spilt into three categories: one, taking it with you into the salty breakers in some amazing James Bond-like sealed up case; two, locking it up in a portable safe; three, cunningly disguising it.

Image via Luke Ma’s Flickr.



  • Very cute and history turned full circle.

    In the 1910s, people didn’t wear time pieces on their wrist, they had pocket watches.

    But occasionally women had special leather straps made that allowed their tiny pocket watches to be inserted into and worn on their wrist for going to parties and Balls.

    When the first world war came along, the soldiers wrote back requesting these leather straps so they could keep their own watches clean, free of water and safe.

    The wrist watch was born…

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