The Ultimate Gadget Garden

Nature and flowers are always nice things to have in the garden. But, Shiny reader, if you’re interested in gadgets, why not spice up the whole nature thing with some nature-enhancing gadgets? Here’s a list of desirable objets to make gardens look nice and pretty / capable of playing CDs.

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  • Lol what next? Exactly a green garden should be green! A bit silly if you ask me – next post :-)

  • ‘a sophisticated timer for the drip-line’? gracious, i feel a story on intelligent watering devices coming on.. :)

  • I couldn’t imagine ever having a hot tub in my garden.

    Blue water lasers on the other hand…

    Time lapse camera gets my vote. Like that a lot.

  • Hmm, while I like the idea of the timelapse camera, none of those are things that I would put in my garden. All the lights I already have are solar powered. (Why wouldn’t a garden be green?) I was expecting perhaps a sophisticated timer for the drip-line, or some such.

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