Crank up the karaoke with Lucky Voice

karaoke.jpgPandora had a box, but she wasn’t supposed to open it and ultimately her curiosity got the better of her, unleashing evil on to the world; in this box however, you’ll find over 6,000 karaoke favourites and classics (which some may deem as evil), providing hours of unadulterated singing related fun (much to the annoyance of your neighbours). Unlike the majority of karaoke voices, the machine works in harmony with your PC – simply plug it in, log onto for plenty of song selecting, then clear the throat and get prepared to bellow out those tunes using the Lucky Voice mic. There is a catch though – after 30 days of free access a subscription service is the next best offer. The neighbours will hate you, but you and your karaoke obsessed pals will have a ball.

Get it from Firebox for £49.95.

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Lucy Hedges