The SmartQ7 enters the PMP market with panache

As a huge fan of PMP’s I eagerly look at new releases, and wonder whether they’ll live up to my rigorous standards. I expect a 7 inch screen, a heap of internal memory, oh and touchscreen capabilities and internal wireless is always a bonus.

Well step up to the platform, SmartQ7, and let’s take a look inside.

First impressions show a sleek silver shell, that’s available in a variety of colours and the 7 inch WVGA touchscreen definitely pleases. They’ve incorporated a li-polymer battery to give you 48 hours of music playback (with decidedly less for video as they haven’t revealed that spec).

The SmartQ7 features built in stereo speakers, a diddy little stand and the eagerly awaited Wi-Fi option, making it a very desirable piece of kit. The system is Linux based as well, which should mean quick browsing speeds, and less glitches than Vista.


There’s no word on the internal memory yet, but considering the device features two USB ports and NO SD card slot, it’s a safe bet to assume that there will be a hard disk drive lurking in there. Pricing is the final hurdle, and as yet that’s unconfirmed- as is shipping the SmartQ7 out of China, but I can see that changing.

Does the Archos 7 have to start worrying? Perhaps…

[via Pocketables]

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Zara Rabinowicz