The Polaroid Two brings you retro fun at 5 megapixels


Last year we got pretty enthused about the Zink inkless printer from Polaroid; well they’ve just upped their game with the Polaroid Two. Say hello to a swish looking piece of digital equipment, which not only lets you take pics and print them in one device, but gives you editing options as well.

Up till now we either had to scour eBay for old school Polaroid cameras, or Bluetooth our sad looking snaps to the Zink, but now we can snap and print in one! The camera utilises the same inkless technology, which means there’s no mess involved; but you will have to fork out for the uber sensitive photo paper.

I love the fact they’ve given you five megapixels to play with, as this means your snaps will actually be in focus, and they’ve even packed in a 4x digital zoom for good measure. You also get macro mode options and a self timer, and your snaps will measure in at 4×3 inches.

£229.95 from the 11th May at Firebox

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Zara Rabinowicz