Samsung extend its camcorder range with the SMX-C10


Samsung’s latest offering into the camcorder market expands on its successful H series franchise, and adds a couple more features to boot. You can look forward to an easy to view 2.7 inch LCD screen that rotates, so you’re able to get tricky shots. It also includes a 10x optical zoom with image stabilization,so should have you looking in focus no matter how wobbly your hands get.

The cam boasts ‘intelli studio’, which is a homegrown play-edit-sharing programme Samsung have created to let you plug and go, without the need for compatible software. They’ve also included a one click YouTube uploader, so you can easily share your footage with your friends. The camera can store up to 3 hours of footage on an 8GB card and as battery life is two hours forty you’ll run out of juice before you run out of space.

They’ve added in a couple of high end features such as animated thumbnails in the menu viewing system, time-lapse recording and you can even charge the battery by USB (useful for when you’ve misplaced that charger).

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Zara Rabinowicz