Kirsty Gallagher dons lycra to promote the W Series Walkman from Sony

Kirsty Gallacher gets physical with new W Series Walkman from Sony 1 - mid res (2).jpg

We told you all about Sony’s W Series walkman in January, but now this baby is actually available for the mere price of £59.

Kirsty Gallagher dons an eighties ensemble to show it off, and her cheesy grin illustrates her enthusiasm for this wireless 2GB walkman. The Sony W series needs zero wires of headphones, as you can hear all your music through the Bluetooth headset like earpieces.

Recent research has showed that the MP3 player is considered the most essential piece of gym equipment- something I’d agree with as I go into a serious strop if I have to exercise without any sound.

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To celebrate the launch of this device Sony has researched the top five favourite songs to listen to whilst working out, for men and women. I find it entertaining how women prefer pop whilst men go for more motivational tracks. Do you agree with the choices?

Top five female exercise tracks

1. Girls Aloud – Jump (16%)
2. Lady Gaga – Just Dance (11%)
3. Duffy – Mercy (8%)
4. Salt ‘n’ Pepa – Push It (8%)
5. James Brown – I Feel Good (8%)

Top five male exercise tracks

1. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now (17%)
2. Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run (11%)
3. Snap! – The Power (8%)
4. The Killers – Mr Brightside (8%)
5. Bodyrockers – I Like The Way (7%)

£59 from Sony

Zara Rabinowicz