Guess who's uber excited about their Blackberry Bold


Well I am, for a start – but this isn’t about me. Someone else, someone famous can’t seem to contain themselves while showing off their hot Blackberry Bold to waiting paps. In fact she seems almost euphoric… and she’s only touching it. If you could see her facial expression, you would know this is one excitable Blackberry Bold owner. But is it really the Bold that’s got her acting like a kid in a candy shop? Could she be deliberately trying to avert her embarrassment for the over made clown and creepy clown standing obtrusively by her side? Perhaps. But he looks just as excited as she does. It’s surreal to say the least and I’d love to know what on earth is going on.

But who is she? Well, she’s an actress (a pretty good one actually) who can do a mean English accent and is well known for playing one of the film industry’s most unlucky in love characters. The clown is no clue.

Find out who she is after the jump…


Did you get it? It’s Renee Zellweger and she is one excited lady. I know how she feels – I just got mine and I can’t stop admiring it.

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Lucy Hedges