iRiver and Speedo launch Aquabeat 2: The LZR Racer


The term Spedo may have fallen out of favour recently with Borat-style wannabes disgracing the name in tighter than tight trunks on the beach.

Well their latest collaboration with media giant iRiver may well bring them back in favor, as they’re offering keen swimmers the chance to take their tunes underwater.

Say hello to the LZR Racer Aquabeat, a MP3 player that will make swimmers worship the Speedo shrine.

It contains 2GB of storage and can handle depths of up to 3 metres as well as being a MUCH more stylish successor to version one. There is no display but you can scroll through tracks using up and down buttons and you can either wear it attached to your skull or on the included armband ( I know which one I’d prefer). Now you have NO excuses as to why you’re not exercising.

$145 from iRiver

See here for more audio

Zara Rabinowicz