Speedo Aquabeat MP3 player, for underwater grooving

speedo_aquabeat.jpgSwimming is a) healthy, b) relaxing and c) boring. What you need to brighten things up is a bit of Girls Aloud, followed by a stretch of the White Stripes, finished with a MadonnaImmaculateCollection crescendo. No?

Waterproof MP3 players can be pricey and waterproof cases for your non-waterproof MP3 player nerve wracking, so it’s with some relief that we greet the Speedo Aquabeat MP3 player. Packing 1GB of memory and sporting (sorry) large buttons for easy music management, you can get it in pink, lime green or black, to match your cossie.

It comes with different sized earbuds, although unlike the SwiMP3, it doesn’t seem to conduct the music through tissue. However, at 80 quid for 1GB it’s a bit of a steal, so we’ll be reserving our judgement. It’ll be interesting to see how this works, logistically, (Gah! Drowning due to tangled wires!) but worry not, as we’ll have a review for you shortly.


Susi Weaser


  • This is possibly the single greatest gadget I’ve seen on Shiny EVER! My God, I’ve put off swimming for so long as it bores me to death after the first 10 minutes.

    I’m getting one NOW. Thanks Susi, for saving my ass (literally!).

    • Wow! If I knew it was going to get this kind of reaction I would have made Speedo release it way sooner!
      We’re going to have a review up of it shortly, so stay tuned!

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