Drivemocion – bringing passive aggressive emoticoning to the road

drivemocion.jpgHas anyone *not* had the old ‘wouldn’t it be great if there was an LED scrolling text bar at the bottom of your back windscreen you could use to convey your displeasure to other drivers’ conversation? It tends to happen about 40% through your epic car journey, just before you decide that your need to increase your blood sugar is too great and you pull over to a service station.

This is a starting point. An alternative to the ‘Baby on board’ sign, you can stick this to your back windscreen and then use the remote to choose your signal. There’s thanks, sorry and a smiley face – so far so good. There’s ‘back off’ – slightly more aggressive, no? Then there’s The Finger. And if you use this, you deserve to lose your wing mirrors. Weirdly, it’s been ok’d by the Department of Transport.

Cute Gadgets for 22.95

Susi Weaser