Apple update the iMAC and MAC Mini to little fanfare

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Whenever the Apple store goes down we expect something big, but the news today strangely doesn’t have us jumping up and down with glee. It’s all well and good that they’ve updated four of their desktops with extra RAM, but it’s hardly a new Air now is it? The 20 inch desktops get 2GB of RAM whilst the 24 inchers get 4 or 8GB.

They all have 4 USB ports, Bluetooth 2.1, a Firewire and an an Ethernet port, but they’re still pretty pricey. The cheapest version will set you back £949, whilst the top of the range comes in at £1799. You do potentially get 1TB of storage though, which is nothing to be sniffed at.


The MAC Mini has also been updated, and prices for the new Mini start at £499. And what do you get for your cash? 5 USB ports, a Nvidia chipset, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz, and 120-320GB of hard drive.

Will you be running out to get these now?

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Zara Rabinowicz


  • I’ve been waiting for apple to update the minis! I want to hook it up in my living room so i can use it with my tv. I don’t think i will order it from the apple store though, they never seem to put anything on sale. I was there last week to get an external hard drive and they wanted almost twice as much as i what i found it for online. In fact i found some great deals on this site:

    It’s a free service that tracks prices of products from online stores (like amazon) and sends you an email when the price drops.

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