Asus and the netbook disguised as a keyboard


If extremely cool gadgets are your thang, the Eee Keyboard (from whom else but those purveyors of the Eee) might just take your fancy. Upon first glance, it’s a basic keyboard with a small display akin to the Optimus Tactus keyboard. But upon closer inspection (and a quick read-through of what it does), it’ turns out that underneath its keyboard exterior, lies an entire PC.

Underneath the hood, its insides pack the kind of technology you’d expect to find in a netbook – so there’s a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB of RAM and a 16GB/32GB solid state drive. And at 1kg, it won’t make a dent on your arms when lugging it about either. Its 5-inch screen provides a screen resolution of 800×480, which is sharp enough to prevent you from complaining about pixilation problems.

But what really pushes the Eee keyboard into cool territory though, is its ability to wirelessly stream content to an external display using its built-in ultra-wideband transmitter. According to Asus its keyboard/computer combo provides a range of around 15ft, but didn’t have anything to say about its battery life, indicating that it can’t be something worth shouting about.

It’s currently in the prototype process, but we should expect to it arrive later this year.

[via Hexus]

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Lucy Hedges