Could Apple have a 15-inch Macbook Air waiting in the wings?


Apple’s had a lot up its sleeve so far this year, and it’s only January. It may not have shown off anything of iPhone calibre at Macworld this year, but we did see a 17-inch Macbook Pro, an improvement to iTunes, with iTunes Plus, and the upgrade of its software suites – iLife and iWork. And although Mr Jobs has taken a leave of absence from the company, Apple is determined to keep the spotlight on its gadgetry and not on the co-founder of the company. Well, that rumour mill has been churning once again and word is Apple zealots, a beefed-up 15-inch Macbook Air is on the way to cater to our skinny laptop loving hands.

So when it comes to that all important question – are you a Mac or a PC and you’re answer is invariably a Mac, read on my friends, read on.

Although a 15-inch offering conflicts with the Macbook Air’s lightweight and portable principles, it is thought the heftier model will be designed to cater for the older crowd with poor eyesight (so think mum, dads, grandmas and granddads). All we’ve got right now is gossip – the details are somewhat elusive and there isn’t actually any more information to go on, other than it’ll pack a Core 2 Duo processor.

What do you think? Will thin and light (ish) with a big screen do it for you?

[via Stuff]

Lucy Hedges