Android apps yours today in exchange for your cash

android app.jpgWe said Android apps would be available for purchase in Q1 in the UK and we didn’t disappoint. As of today, downloadable paid-for apps for the Android operating system are yours for the taking. In exchange for a small fraction of your hard earned cash, you’ll be able to browse the app store, or Android Marktetplace as it’s officially known, and download your choice of premium apps. Guitar Hero World Tour Mobile from Activision, and offerings from EA Sports are amongst those now available.

In a similar fashion to rating videos on YouTube, users can rate the content on the Android Market. This means developers run the risk of pricing their apps out of the market if they slap a ridiculous price tag on their creation – well according to the head of entertainment and internet at T-Mobile, they do.

If you’re currently in thrift mode, don’t forget there are also currently over 1,000 apps for Android users to get their mitts into that won’t cost you a penny. In the UK, this breaking news really only applies to owners of the G1, as Android hasn’t exploded onto the market in the new year as was predicted by many a blogger. But with more Android handsets due for release over the course of 2009, hopefully these new downloadable apps get the pleasure of being downloaded onto something else other than T-Mobile’s offering.

Now for a bit of G1 trivia. Did you know the average G1 user is a 32 year old male, likely to be living in London or South East? No? Me either.

[via Znet]

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Lucy Hedges