iPod Nano gets Inked


With all the buzz besieging the new iPod Shuffle and its tiny frame, I thought I’d take the limelight off it for a few minutes by featuring an iPod Nano accessory (not that you could ever forget they make other iPod apparatus). When you bought your new iPod Nano, I bet it took a while to ponder over the colour of choice to accompany you at your desk/when trying to drown someone out/on all future public transport trips, but what about that little issue concerning protection? It may be pretty, but that doesn’t mean its vibrant outer shell doesn’t need protecting.

It’s true there are a lot of Nano accessories out there that don’t cater to your need to showcase your colourful music player. They don’t care about the time it took for you to decide on the pink… no wait, the orange hue. This one does though. Called the iSee Inked cases, not only do they protect your Nano from injury but they enhance your Nano’s colours with their swirls/squares/circles/zebra embellishments.

The transparent cases come in seven pattern-tastic designs, all of which are covered with a scratch resistant coating. Are you a little concerned you might ruin your Nano’s appearance and don’t want to spend $24.95 USD to find out? Head on over to the official site to see how it’ll look in your colour.

[via Coolest Gadget]

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