BBC unveils new mobile version of BBC homepage

bbc-mobile-website.JPGThe Beeb wants to ensure your BBC mobile experience is a personal one, so its only gone and created a new mobile friendly and fully customisable version of its homepage. The new homepage has one aim, and one aim only – that is to make your BBC experience on your mobile a tailored one (ergo a personal one). Currently in Beta, the mobile homepage shares similarities with the BBC’s main website by allowing you to modify the homepage to your own personal preferences and tastes. According to the BBC, the new optimised website will work on standard web-enabled handsets and not just those of a smartphone variety.

As well as customising your webpage, local news, weather and TV schedules will also be visible and will change depending on your location. The iPlayer fits somewhere into the equation too and the BBC has tried its hardest to bring you, the customer a problem/bumble free iPlayer experience.

Have you checked it out? Tell us what you think below.

[via Andy Merrett’s Blog]
Lucy Hedges