Android apps for a price in Q1… so basically around now

g1_android_logo_t-mobile.pngSo, you managed to nab yourself a G1. But you may have felt the first batch of downloadable applications for it might not have been right for you. But there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. It’s a New Year – change is in the air, and the second batch of application titles have arrived – but at a price.

According to who can I only refer to as “Google’s Mark Chu”, the Android market ‘will support priced applications early Q1 2009’ (so as the title says… basically now). G1 owners are in for a treat with gaming titles from Gameloft and EA Mobile and a range of other apps from developers looking to cash in. And if you happen to be a master of coding, you could get in the game and make some money too (providing your game is cash worthy).

Google is also rolling out ‘localisation’ to the market – which essentially means country specific apps, giving developers the chance to help target their audiences based on their location. Thes apps will be launching at different times to various countries – initially the UK and US.

Although early Q1 isn’t specific, you should expect to get your hands on the new batch of G1 apps soon.

[via T3]

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Lucy Hedges