Sony Ericsson reveals Android plans

android_logo_t-mobile.pngSony Ericsson and Android is an affiliation we all need to get used to, seeing as it’s just announced plans to develop an Android handset. In fact, get used to hearing a lot of this over the forthcoming months, as the competition to bring out the second Android handset gets more and more intense, with at least five contenders (of which Nokia is definitely not one) – Motorola, LG, Asus, Samsung and SE – all heading for the same goal.

Having just joined the Open Handset Alliance (which it’s very excited about by the way), Sony Ericsson plans to fully commit to its plans to create a handset based on the Android platform and bring its experience of producing multimedia handsets (think Walkman and Cyber-shot) to the Alliance. It’s also in no hurry to ditch the Symbian and Windows Mobile operating systems, but claims Android will “compliment” the operating systems they currently use.

Sony Ericsson phones have improved drastically over the past few years, which is great as it means I no longer have an aversion to its handsets. This also means the prospect of Sony Ericsson Android handset is quite exciting.

[via Pocket Gamer]

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Lucy Hedges