Snoop Dogg's rolling with the Rock Band Homies

snoop-dogg.jpgHold the phone – Rock Band is about to go street. Snoop Dogg (or rather S-N-double-O-P D-O-double-giz-ee) has pledged his allegiance to guitar Hero’s rival and is currently in talks to bring some of his classic hits (please involve Gin and Juice and Drop It Like It’s Hot) to Rock Band’s catalogue of choons. Something tells me the true rock and rollers wont like this.

This collaboration is about as unlikely as the collaboration between Jay-Z and Linkin Park, which actually turned out to be one of greatest albums (still is) and is a fine example of a rock n roll/hip-hop fusion. So maybe Snoop D-O-double-gizzo bringing a bit of street cred to the rock n roll game could prove successful. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to find out. When we know more, so will you.

[via Stuff]

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Lucy Hedges