Literally feel the base through your bones with the OUTI Headphones

zelco_outi.jpgThe term ‘feel the base in your bones’ adopts a very literal meaning with the Zelco OUTI Headphones. They don’t look like they could do much damage – I mean, they’re not exactly Dr Dre’s superb sounding Beats Headphones. But apparently, clipping the headphones onto your earlobes will shake, rattle and roll your bones. In fact Zelco claims the level of bass is so high you’ll feel it all over your body – which would be frickin’ impressive with music listening equipment so small.

So, they work like this – they vibrate your skin and cartilage and somehow this will make the bass travel through your bones. No convoluted scientific explanations to stunt those suspicions I’m afraid – we’ll have to just take their word for it for now.

The design seems to have followed in the footsteps of those clip-on earrings your mum used to have in her jewellery box in the 80s, but if they do what they so on the tin (figuratively speaking), these clip-on head phones are fine with me. They probably won’t go down too well with commuters. But hey, if you’re the commuting kind with a complete disregard for fellow travellers, they retail for $110 USD here in white, black and pink.

[via Gizmodo]

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Lucy Hedges