Samsung AMOLED screen becomes a camera reality on the WB550


Samsung has achieved the improbable and has placed a 3 inch AMOLED screen on its latest camera. This means you’ll have crystal clear images to look at, and it should also add quality to your shooting as you’ll have a clearer idea of how the snaps will turn out. And if that’s not impressive enough, they’ve also packed the camera dull of high end specs such as 12 megapixels, a 5x optical zoom and a 24mm wide lens.

The added contrast of the AMOLED screens should help when shooting in highly saturated light conditions, such as sunsets and snow. They’ve also given us a Schneider lens, to help focus the action, and combined with HD movie capture. The WB550 also features scene recognition technology and will autofocus the action through eleven preset modes. Add to this optical image stabilisation, face, blink, and smile detection and you have a pretty impressive package.

Despite the seriousness of the specs, they’ve also included their infamous Beauty Shot mode (which gives you that Paris Hilton Photoshop effect) as well as full manual control if you like getting more technical.

£299 from Samsung in April.

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Zara Rabinowicz