Is LG's GD910 watch phone really worth £1,000?

LG watch phone.jpg£1,000 for a glorified watch? Really? Spec-wise, it does pack quite a lot into its petite frame, like voice calling, text to speech and stereo Bluetooth and actually gives a few mobiles out there a run for their money. But £1,000… really?

So, if you were thinking about (and quite looking forward to) fulfilling that James Bond-esque fantasy, apparently that’s how much moolah you’ll have to withdraw from the bank in order to do it. I’d stop those enthusiastic air punches right now if I were you unless £1000 to you is like £50 to most of us.

So, what initially started out as a bit of prototype isitgoingtomakeitintoproduction buzz, which then proceeded into confirmation status during Mobile World Congress, has ended as an anti-climax with an unaffordable price tag – great! This hasn’t been confirmed exactly, but word on the web is firstly, that it’ll be exclusive to Orange and secondly, that it’ll set you back a whopping £1,000

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges

One thought on “Is LG's GD910 watch phone really worth £1,000?

  • To people who think it worth £1,000, it worth. To others, it’s just a useless ultra big toy. But anyhow, if I can afford the price, I’ll buy one.

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