Don a wig and head bang rock and roll style with Headbang Hero

BeavisandButtHead-banging.gifGuitar Hero and its competitor Rock Band have been dominating the virtual music gaming world for quite some time. And it goes without saying these games are responsible for setting the standard in music based gaming. But, perhaps it’s time for them to take a step down and let other virtual games enjoy the limelight for a while. There are a few contenders waiting in the wings, namely DJ Hero, but a new hero has emerged – a head banging hero.

It’s not as official as DJ Hero, but the three gaming geeks behind the prototype are hoping the game will get the green light. However something tells me health and safety would have a few issues with this. Head banging for lengthy periods of time sounds like it’ll induce some kind of neck injury or long term brain damage. And that is more or less the aim of the game. You put on a motion-sensing wig (a true rocking accessory), which the creators say is “a kind of tribute to the popular Guitar Hero game and head bangers all around the world”. You task as head banger, would then be to head bang in-sync to the music.

Want to see to see it in action? Check out a video after the jump

If you can’t dance, what’s the next bet alternative – fling one’s head back and forth rapidly in a little head banging, of course. Could we see this game hit the mainstream, catering for the rhythmically challenged? Perhaps. Until then, head banging, minus the lustrous motion-sensing wig, will have to do.

[via The Metro]

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Lucy Hedges