Get 'em whilst they're young: Space Invaders baby clothes

OK, so I have a question. Do you think it would be seen as weird if I start hanging out in maternity wards, waiting for a cute baby girl to be born who I can then give this ohmyfreakingodsofreakinadorable space invaders outfit to? I’m trying to decide whether that’s ‘whimsical mysterious fairy godmother’ or ‘nutter’.

When making your decision, please bear in mind the unicorn legwarmers, and the gift box it comes in. Surely any new mother would be willing to overlook the slightly unorthodox situation when faced with such loveliness? Oh come on. They totally would.

$32 from Etsy [via Wonderland]

Susi Weaser

One thought on “Get 'em whilst they're young: Space Invaders baby clothes

  • I would have had them donated to me in maternity :D they are freakinadorableohmygodamazing :)

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