By popular demand: all your Twitter accounts on one page, with Tweet3

From our poll on what people are using Twitter for, it seems there’s a few people out there who have more than one Twitter account (I’ve got four. Which is, perhaps, overkill) and the main complaint is that it’s really difficult to keep track of them. I’ve resorted to using Tweetdeck for the @ShinyShiny account, and Twitterific for my personal account, but my computer isn’t a fan of this method.

If you’re happy to use your browser to monitor Twitter, Tweet3 might be just what you’re looking for. From this webpage you can add as many Twitter accounts as you like, and switch between them without logging in and out.

It’s not perfect – I would have liked to see tabs rather than clickable links between accounts, but features such as being able to change the background colour of each account does make it easier to keep track of. It’s still not massively attractive though.

There’s also the ability to specify which Tweets get sent to Facebook, which is bloody genius – there’s nothing worse than seeing the same info over and again if you follow someone on both Twitter and Facebook.

I’m not a fan of browser-based Twittering, so it’s not for me, but as soon as they develop a desktop client, I’m all over it.



Susi Weaser


  • @jen i am not a fan of browser twittering as well but when it comes to multi account usage Tweet3 is one of the best solutions in my personal opinion.



  • I’m looking out for a Firefox add-on to manage more than one Twitter account as well; I don’t mind browser based Twitter-ing.

  • Very cool! I’m not a fan of browser twittering either, but when the alternative is logging in and out a billion times… it starts sounding attractive.

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