Shiny Poll: What do you use Twitter for?

I’ve recently been bemoaning the fact that Twitter seems to have recently turned from somewhere people go to offload their wit and wonderings, into a kind of RSS feed of articles I probably should read but probably won’t bother. So what about you? What do you use it for? And am I expecting the wrong things (or following the wrong people)? You can tick more than one, and as always, if you’ve got more to say, stick it in our (working) comments section.

Susi Weaser


  • I made the account mostly for “business” purposes (networking), but ended up tweeting more about my personal life than my website. I’d make a personal account if I found an app to help me switch from one to another, I can’t be bothered with endless relogins.

  • I tend to unfollow (or not follow at all) people whose tweets are all links to other things.

  • I have two accounts on twitter: one for the chatting and teling people what I’m doing and thinking. And one for more RSS functions: it tweets whenever I shared an item on google reader, posted a photo on flickr or wrote a blog on my website. By having two accounts followers can choose themselves what they are interested in. I have tot say that my ‘normal’ chat account has the most followers. So I think twitter is basically still used for chit-chatting.

    • I should have added ‘use Twitter for getting recommendations when you need a new hairdressers’, which it turns out is a wonderful use for Twitter.

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