Zagg, Z. Budds: It's not all about those white Apple headphones

zagg-zbuds-iphone-headphone.jpgNot everyone wants to walk around listening to their music with the self-conscious fear they’re going to get mugged for the Apple goodies at any moment. Or alternatively, not everyone wants to be a lemming with those ubiquitous white Apple headphones dangling from their ears. There’s always the Zagg Z. Budds – they’re a stylish and non-tangly, not to mention a great non-white option.

The Z Budds claim they offer a tantrum and tangle free cord and interchangeable tips to fit any kind of ear. Being equipped for the iPhone means the headphones feature a built-in mic as well as in-line volume control. This also means they’re multi-faceted, allowing you to make and answer calls while in the middle of listening to your favourite choons. Noise cancelling features have been thrown in too, so outside noise should be kept to a minimum and you shouldn’t be disturbed.

Sound good? Surely the prism shaped packaging is enough to make you buy a pair? $79.99 USD here in red or black.

[via Technology Guide]

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Lucy Hedges