Phenom Phone Watch: Nine gadgets in one and there's Bluetooth

Phenom.Watch.Phone.jpgIf you like the idea of having a bunch of gadgets crammed into a small device, then you might want to pay attention to the words Phenom Phone Watch. And if you’re into multiple screens, the need to have a compass at arm’s length (in case you get lost) and the desire to know the surrounding temperature at all times, then even better.

It’s a watch (clearly), an unlocked GSM phone (so it’ll work with any carrier), an MP3 *and* MP4 player, a digital camera with video capabilities, and of course the compass and temperature gauge which we’ve already established – all rolled into one compact timepiece. And you can make use of all those things on its 1.3TFT touchscreen with the assistance of a stylus and integrated keypad (for dialling and speakerphone) on the watchband.

This watch really does have everything with the added bonus of Bluetooth, a USB port and 2GB of memory.

It sounds pretty similar to the Swap Watch, but this one is the winner in the design category and trumps the Swap Watch with its specs too.

To get your wrist into that arm candy click here and get ready to part with around $195 USD. And while you’re there, check out the SpecialOPS Watch too.

[via Top News]

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Lucy Hedges