The Swap watch for a bit of sneaky espionage or James Bond impersonations

swap_watch.jpgIf you thought Bluetooth watches were cool, prepare to be dazzled. The Swap Smart Watch wouldn’t look out of place in the new Bond movie. It’s perfect for those covert operations – you know, like spying on your colleague who you suspect is stealing your Haribo when you’re not looking, or if you fancy yourself as a policeman or aspire to be a law officer, you could take pictures of unsuspecting deviants on your travels.

The Swap Watch is a 1.3 megapixel camera, a fully functional phone, and a music and video player (compatible with MP3, AAC and MP4 formats), all tightly packed into this geek chic timepiece.

It even has room for a T-Flash card for additional storage. Best of all, the watch has a 1.5-inch touch screen with a 176 x 128 resolution and comes with an iddy biddy stylus that you’ll probably lose after a week, but it will be nice while the novelty lasted.

You’re probably wondering how you’d take pictures on this thing yes? There’s a lens situated on the side of the watch, which might take a bit of angling practice before you reach perfection.

It’s available exclusively in the UK from Dyal for a surprisingly cheap £199. At the time of publishing I couldn’t find a link to the product, but will rectify this as soon as possible.

[via What Hi-Fi]

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Lucy Hedges