Cute/creepy/cuddly webcam up for grabs

bunny_webcam.jpgThe verdict on this one is out – it’s cute, but at the same time slightly terrifying with a dash of creepy. I think it’s the slit eyes that have done it. Perhaps so much emphasis shouldn’t have been put on the fact it’s a bunny (yes it’s a bunny – in case you didn’t get that) seeing as the ears are buried underneath its hat and it doesn’t obviously look like a “cute bunny”, as suggested on the product page.

As a webcam it’s a little inconspicuous and you wouldn’t be able to tell first-hand whether it’s a webcam or an old childhood toy. It makes it great for American Pie style webcaming though – no one will suspect a thing (although that would be very very naughty).

1.3 megapixels are on offer with high resolution ¼-inch CMOS colour sensors and a large window capture size of 640 x 480.

Into cute and creepy novelty webcams? Pick one up here for $16.99

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Lucy Hedges


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