SIM2 C3X LUMIS HOST Projector sounds picture perfect


If a projector with the ability to produce a full HD picture of up to 30ft, comprising billions and billions of colours, that’s no bigger than a shoe box, excites you more than it would the average consumer, then SIM2 might just have the home cinema projector you’ve been waiting for. And the C3X LUMIS HOST could be SIM2’s most advanced and best designed high definition cinema projector so far.

Building on the standards of the Grand Cinema C3X Series, it offers a whopping 35,000:1 contrast ratio, dynamic iris, DynamicBlack technology and a new “dimmable” lamp, which all contribute to providing a realistic and almost three dimensional quality for you viewing pleasure.

There’s also six HDMI inputs for you to take advantage of, so hooking up all your HD gadgetry shouldn’t be an issue. And who could ignore its rather fetching, eye catching design. However, I wouldn’t get too attached. After fully taking in its price tag – £27,000 – it might just so turn out that this isn’t the projector you’ve been waiting for after all.


[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges