Macworld Expo 2008: Eye-Fi meets the iPhone in a new app

eye-fi.gifThe great thing about Eye-Fi cards is their ability to transform your bog standard camera into a WiFi enabled piece of equipment to send images to your computer or directly to the internet without the need for wireage. Throw an iPhone into the equation and an Eye-Fi app and, hey presto, Eye-Fi functionality for you iPhone. That’s exactly what’s been announced at Macworld Expo so far.

The iPhone app itself, allows you to aggregate your photos – from either your iPhone (and reportedly) your digital camera – into folders on a computer and to one of 25 supporting photo sharing and social networking sites. The app is also thought to support geotagging too, like the Eye-Fi Explore.

The app will be free, however, there are three vital pieces of information absent from this announcement – what about the poor folk who don’t possess an Eye-Fi card? Or is it just for use with a digital camera? And when will it be hitting the market?

[via Engadget]

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Lucy Hedges