Star Trek Command Chair for the Trekkies

Star Trek comand chair.jpgBeing a Trekkie when growing up was almost akin to being the loser in the class, and telling someone you’re a fan of Trek often resulted in mixed responses, ranging from shock to disappointment. So, are you one of those people who went through their entire school career concealing your true Trekkie status? Well, if you’re finally over the fear of being ridiculed for being a lover of all things Trek, have a gander at this.

The Command Chair, otherwise known as Captain Kirk’s chair (or captain James Tiberius Kirk for the true fans), or simply the Captains chair, is not a space that can be filled by many. But if you’ve always had a secret desire to actually be Captain Kirk (or William Shatner even) then the Star Trek Command Chair is your calling. It also helps that it looks pretty darnn good in comparison to the real thing. As well as realistic looks and a ‘working swivel design’, it makes sounds, (the correct sounds according to Tech Digest’s Gary), has lights and sampled dialogue.

I think it deserves the Vulcan salute, don’t you?

Get yours here for $2,720 USD (around £1,880) and don’t forget the $400 USD for shipping and handling.

[via Tech Digest

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Lucy Hedges