MSI set to impress at CES with more netbooks and notebooks

MSI u115.JPGIf the launch of new computing equipment gets you excitable and emotional, then what MSI has in store for us at CES might mean you need to sit down while you read this (which I imagine you’re doing). Building on the success and popularity of the MSI Wind netbooks U90 and U100 (formally known as the Advent 4211), MSI will introduce more netbooks worth writing about.

This includes the forthcoming 3.5G, “WiMax Ready”U120 and the dual disk U115 Hybrid (which is obviously friendly to the eco). This will apparently be the first netbook capable of running SSD/HDD simultaneously. The U115 boasts a battery life of up to12 hours (with a six cell battery) and implements the latest hybrid storage technology to combine the advantages of SSD and SATA disk, paving the way for beneficial features such as saving energy, stable and shock proof, reading fast and having high capacity. And to assist you impatient side, the OS on the Hybrid is installed in the SSD, so boot time is reduced and operational efficiency improved.

The goodies don’t stop here folks.

There’s also the X-Slim Series X320 to look forward too, which doesn’t have the word slim in its title for nothing and features a 13-inch portable notebook weighing just 1.3kg, available in Champagne gold, pearl white or jet black.

And that’s not even all of it. MSI has a lot in store for us this week and all will be revealed come the 8th January at CES. Keep your eyes peeled.

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Lucy Hedges