Nintendo's Walk With Me! is the DS answer to the Wii Fit

walk with me.jpgNintendo has proved that exercise can be turned into a game (and a fun game at that) with the Wii Fit. And they’re about to prove that exercise doesn’t have to be all about strenuous ball-busting and tear inducing activities, with its latest keep fit game for the DS – Walk With Me! I don’t understand the inclusion of the exclamation mark at the end. This indicates rigour and the triggering of feeble cries of “I can’t do it”. However, the fact it’s called Walk With Me! as opposed to Run with Me suggests the game isn’t going to be along the same lines as, say, pilates or yoga.

Walk With Me! Makes use of a little keyfob sized electronic pedometer to tot up your walkabouts – it then uploads all your on foot data to the console via infrared. The incentive behind the game, is of course to cast a few of those extra pounds to the side, perhaps get your boyfriend to stop referring to your waist as love handles and possibly to get you to go outside and take a stroll more often than you do now. But there’s more to entice you.

The further you walk the more points you’ll rake up, which will eventually unlock mini games as a reward for your walking prowess. The Walk The World game, which shows players striding across continents and discovering facts along your phoney worldly travels, sounds like it could be fun, especially if you’re all about keeping fit and learning. And if you’re the type who likes to think ahead and set targets or you’ve got a competitive streak, you’ll be able to set yourself goals and compete against friends and family members.

As it’s a fitness game, there’s almost certainly going to be words of encouragement hurled your way every now and again to keep the motivation alive.

There’s no room for indolence and couch potato-like behaviour – you need to work to unlock aspects of the game. The more you walk… well, you know how it goes.

But will Walk With Me! prove equally as successful as the Wii Fit? We’ll be finding out as of the 20th February when it’s released. If you want to guarantee yourself a game, it’s available for pre-order here for £39.99.

[via The London Lite]

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Lucy Hedges