Learn your Driving theory exam on the DS: When will the madness end?

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Enough is enough! With news of the latest game to hit the DS I feel I’ve just about reached my peak with the barrage of useless/ innovative/don’t care anymore games to hit this handheld console. Yes, I realize the DS far surpasses the PSP in many, many ways, but still you get to a point when the over-saturation of the market drives all reasonable thoughts out of your head, and has you curled into a ball crying for the days of the black and white Gameboy.


Yes, I realize that £19.99 for a fulfilled time with 1265 official questions is hard to replicate, but seeing as the book only costs around £5.99 are you really getting your money’s worth? Consider that the theory questions regularly change and you’ll only use the game/book once, why do you need to make this digital?

Granted, they say you get a free driving lesson from LDC with every purchase, but considering you’ll then want to learn with their sparkly new cars rather than your local (cheaper) driving school, will you really save money long term?

Add this to the glut of games we’ve seen recently (quit smoking/ My First Baby/ ) and you can see we’re at full DS gaming capacity.

Sure, GTA Chinatown Wars looks like it will be exciting, but if one more company decides to release a rubbish DS version of something that’s better off in book form (think Jamie Oliver/e-books etc) I think I’ll have a DS cull and throw mine out the window in a temper tantrum. And won’t that teach them?

Ah, probably not. But it does mean I can then get myself a shiny new DSi (if it ever hits the UK).


Just no more ‘useful’ games please, as they’re REALLY NOT.

The Theory game costs £19.99 from March at Amazon

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Zara Rabinowicz


  • I think that it is a great idea, there is so much that the DS can do -train your brainm teach you to pass tests, ebook reader. You should see the stuff available on the japaese market, 100 cocktail recipes etc.

    There is an offer for the theory test package here ;


    It’s £16.99 instead of £19.99 – with free delivery and a free driving lesson.

    That link also has a DS game for under £5 delivered – well worth a look.

    Great blog !!!

  • I bought a theory game for the DS, and it definitely helped me. I could whip out my DS and practice my theory if I had a long break between lectures or a long bus ride – it was way more fun than reading the highway code over and over again.
    And yes, I passed.

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