Give your Xbox 360 a haute couture makeover


If Louis Vuitton isn’t careful and selective about whom and what sports the Louis Vuitton name, it’s going to wind up as the next Burberry. As if adorning the insides of a cars interior (or exterior) isn’t enough, there are baby carriers, laptop cases, scarfs, wallpaper, shoes, tampon carriers – and that’s just the counterfeit stuff. But it looks like the highly fashionable name has found a new surface to embellish – the Xbox 360 – or has it?

It’s not exactly what you’d call low key, is it? This over the top and unnecessarily extravagant Air Effex custom airbrushed LV faceplate currently resides on eBay for lovers of the tacky and tasteless to snap up. As it has a buy it now price of $21 USD, something tells me Louis Vuitton didn’t give it the go-ahead, but if Louis Vuitton is too classy and you’re after something with more of a Burberry feel, you can visit Air Effex and they’ll customise a faceplate for you.

[via Technabob]

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Lucy Hedges