Strange/desperate man forgoes real women for a fembot

fembot.jpgShe has the kind of figure, women punish themselves to achieve (think Jessica Rabbit), she remembers your favourite drink and can have an orgasm on demand. She’ll also be polite to your family (so no family rows about “your intentions with my son”), she’ll work for 24 hours – so essentially until the batteries are removed – and she’s apparently great with directions. Sounds like an ideal women eh boys? The only problem is, she’s not real – she’s a robot. Her creator, who is either a very *very* lonely man, an unlucky in love victim or a straight up weirdo, justified his creation by claiming he doesn’t have the time to find a real girlfriend. £14,000 later, Aiko (which means love child in Japanese) was introduced to the world.

Despite the denial, the fact his robot lover can have an orgasm on demand, suggests he’s doing questionable things with his robot girlfriend, which I’m not going to lie, creeps me out just a little bit.

Who knows – maybe some kind of Pinocchio-esque miracle will take place and the fairy who granted Pinocchio’s wish might just pay Aiko a visit and turn her into a real woman. But only if she’s been a good little robot of course.

[via The Metro]

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Lucy Hedges


  • First of all the MEDIA portrays the most amazing inventions into something thats awfully twisted like having an orgasm with a doll. Surely, that’s not the reason the inventor created the doll. If you actually look into other ARTICLES you will find that this masterpiece is not created for sexual pleasure. It is a rather an invention used to assist not just men but women in routinely chores that individauls with work and children are unable to perform in todays busy schedule. It’s become very sickening to see the media portray him as a lonely man that created the robot as a substitute for a wife/girlfriend. Instead of sitting on your a*s and putting this man down, maybe some of you people should consider the fact that he spent alot of money, time, and effort to create something that astonishingly functions somewhat like a human. Bravo to this man! and Shame on the rest of you for writing such worthless articles!

  • Joke’s on him. She’s only faking orgasm on demand. And what woman can’t do that?

    I think women everywhere are lucky when men like this eschew flesh-and-blood females for their automatous counterparts. OTOH I feel for little Aiko, and hope that someday sentience will allow her to leave her creepy companion.

  • Sadly, there’s lots of these dolls here in Japan. There’s even doll brothels, where you can hire them out for a couple of hours, which is possibly even creepier than owning one yourself.

    There’s essentially the same as the US-made Real Doll, or a much more sophisticated version of a blow up doll, so part of me isn’t freaked out by that somehow, but more by the fact that many of the dolls look a lot younger than ‘Aiko’, resembling little girls rather than fully grown women.

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