DanBall the finger massaging robot looks anything but a finger massaging robot

danball_finger_massager.jpgDan over at Tech Digest gave me the heads up on this one, although I couldn’t work out if he was telling me because he thought it would make good Shiny Shiny fodder, or whether his intentions were more egotistical than that seeing as the gadget has seemingly been named after him?

When you think massage, fingertips aren’t necessarily the first thing that springs to mind is it (and if this was Family Fortunes you’d be hearing eh-err and getting a big black cross on the board)? The creators of the DanBall Finger Massaging Robot evidently think fingertip massages are a niche market. It gives the impression you won’t get your fingers back, but rest assured its only purpose is to massage – for one minute twice a day.

danballfingermassager2-small.jpgThe rubbing robot will restore good health (to your hands?*) by massaging the tips of your fingers, it’ll also give you an infrared nail treatment and will do all this to the sound of soothing music.

Massages are good for stress and you may very well need the robotic massager when you part with $1,990 of your hard earned cash to get one. Get one here.

*Shiatsu massage is designed to balance automatic and sympathetic nerves and treatment of pressure points in the fingertips, and has been linked to an improvement in the immune system and relief from insomnia, headaches, and irritability. So it won’t just be restoring good health to your hands.

[via Red Ferret]

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Lucy Hedges