A Christmas decoration with added RAWWWK

mini_electric_guitar.jpgThis is the best Christmas tree ornament EVER. Forget balls and baubles and even the star – no one will even give those inferior ornaments a second glance when this mini electric guitar’s hanging from the ends of your holiday tree. They’ll be too busy appreciating your Electric Guitar Christmas ornament and trying to keep their jealousy discreet, wishing they had one for themselves (be very wary of envy and theft). It’s even got six skinny strings (warning – attempts to play it may break it).

It’s befitting of any Guitar Hero, World Tour, Rock Tour and On Tour super fan, or rock music enthusiast, or perhaps for people who’re really into the construction of guitars? Wherever this little guitar ornament ends up, just be sure to treat it with the love and respect it deserves.

The time to step on tradition is now, the place to do it is here for $17.95 USD.

[via Buying Music Equipment]

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Lucy Hedges