Why not stretch your loved ones' faces onto baubles this Christmas?

3d print angel baubles.jpgAs you can see, this DIY 3D Christmas decoration service from JuJups isn’t entirely successful – unless you happen to have a big wide face with an expanse of bald head to keep the bauble looking tidy.

You could, of course, spend a bit more time cutting your face out and then pasting that onto the bauble, but I like to keep my photo editing as amateurish as possible, and it’s a miracle I even got as far as I did. Luckily, the editing team at JuJups promise that your image will be “lovingly cropped” before they send it out, which is just as well.

The 3D Christmas figurines cost $19.95 and are available in the US and Europe.



  • The photo is our very first model – with an over stretched baby face. This has now been resolved. JuJups is a global portal and will be operating country by country. 3D printing currently is restricted to US and EU.

  • That’s actually really cool. A group of them would make an adorable arrangement on the Christmas tree. Great gift for Grandparents as well–the grand kids as ornaments!

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